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E-Commerce model question: New nodes vs properties on existing nodes on product "Condition"

Hi all. I'm working with a situation I was hope you might have some insight into. A portion of my data model looks something like this (u:User) - [r:OWNS] -> (a:Asset {condition:"Used Good", picture: "ABC String"}) . This will work for me early on. Sellers can put up their full listing, describe its conditioning in the properties, and then show some photos to back up the condition. Later on, however, I would like reduce the amount of time it takes to add listings to the site. To do this, I'd like to go a route similar to Amazon where they have multiple sellers of a particular product. I'm just not sure how to work the condition component in... my thought was to refactor the graph and pop Condition out into it's own node... something like this (u:User) - [r:OWNS {quantity: 1}] -> (a:Asset ) <-[:DESCRIBES_STATE_OF]- (c:Condition) ... where I'm struggling is figuring out the description and pictures for the condition node, given that the description ("New", "Used Excellent", "Used poor", etc) will likely be usable across many assets, but the pictures of the particular product they're selling/trading would be unique. Would you build out 5-10 Condition nodes with the various levels of wear? Would you put the pictures as a property on the [r:OWNS] relationship or would you do something completely different? Any thoughts would be lovely.