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Dump from local machine and load into server?

I've developed a DBMS in Neo4j Desktop Community Edition (4.5.5) on Mac.
I can dump and load within that local installation using Desktop.
My server team has installed Community Edition on an AWS EC2 instance. I can access it from Desktop and from cypher-shell from a local bin directory, using the -a -u -p options. I have full access as an administrator of the database.

Can I use 'dump' on the Mac and then use 'load' on the server to migrate a copy of my DBMS?
neo4j-admin does not seem to have connection arguments like -a -p -u, only a database argument.
Documentation seems to indicate neo4j-admin gets its connection info from neo4j.conf, which I do not have - it's on the server. So I cannot see how to connect to a DBMS on a remote server with neo4j-admin.

Is there a way to do this with neo4j-admin, either with load or with import?
Or do I need to use cypher-based migration methods?



The command can be run only locally from an online or an offline Neo4j DBMS.

That's what I figured... thanks for linking to the document.