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Database being locked by one query


Has anyone experienced anything like this?

We are running into an intermittent issue where our database is locking up when we are running a query. It does seem to be the same query each time. Inside this query we are using the "db.index.fulltext.queryNodes" function.

We are using Aura Professional with 4 GM of RAM and 1 CPU. Because we are not using the enterprise version we can see the query is running and is locking up the database, but we can not do anything to kill the query. We are at the mercy of that query ending.

This query at times will run without issue and will get us back the results we are expecting. Any help or suggestions as to what may be going on would be much appreciated.


You can still kill the query with `SHOW QUERIES`/TRANSACTIONS`

and then.


if your SHOW QUERIES YIELD * shows locks please create a Support issue in the AuraDB support portal.

I doubt it's the index lookup rather downstream update operations.