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Database and browser in a "single port scenario"


Hi everyone!
This is my first - and hopefully not my last - post in this community

I have a problem with neo4j container. It provides the database and the browser and requires to open three ports (7474 (HTTP), 7473 (HTTPS), 7687 (BOLT)).

I have a scenario (openshift) which only allows the external port 443 on a subdomain.

How can I handle this?

Is it possible to seperate the database from the browser?

Is it possible to configure different paths (except different ports) for the http/https/bolt connections - so I could create respective routes the forward to the respective container ports...)?

Please help me to get this running.
If there is a documentation handling this - even better. I did not find it. Please provide the link.

THX in advance!!!



Okay... I have "solved" this as follows:

  1. Define all ports at one OCP-service
  2. Define two (three) routes the explicitly point to one of the ports
  3. Open the frontend (browser) via the frontend route(s) (http and/or https)
  4. Define a new database pointing to the other route using the standard (here 443) port

THX for reading 😉