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Cypher query getting stuck

Node Link

With below cypher query am trying to first get User node using IdObject which has a uniqueness constraint and updating a property named NameFull

match(u:User{IdObject:{user_id_object}}) set u.NameFull={user_name}

But query never completes have to terminate it manually each time.

Also attaching a screenshot of query plan

Am not able to figure out why it's taking infinite time and any solutions to it?


Hello Vinit,

Are user_id_object and user_name parameters?

If so, you specify with as $user_id_object and $user_name


Do you have any other plugins running that might hook into transaction processing?

please check call dbms.listQueries() to see if there are any locks held.

and then you could use call dbms.listActiveLocks(queryId) for more details

Thanks @michael.hunger actually it automatically got resolved today, my guess for issue is that unique indexing for User label was in progress when I was executing above update query yesterday. Can that be reason of this locking as today it works without any issues?

Thanks @elaine.rosenberg noted
BTW I think found the issue and is working fine now.