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Create a new type of node using Bloom


I'm trying to create a new node using Bloom. However, it only allows me to choose from existing categories.

For example, currently I have nodes with labels "Person", "School", "Vehicle", etc. I want to create a new type of node that is labeled as "PhoneNum".

I right click on the canvas, in the context menu there is "Create node" option. However, it says "Please choose a category", and there is no way to input new category of "PhoneNum" in this user interface.

Is such operation allowed? Or you can only use Cypher to achieve this? No interactive creation of new type of node?


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @niujinghui 

I found some documentation for you to reference.

there is an Add category button in the perspective drawer. The user needs to add a category first, before creating a node belonging to that category.

 let me know if this helps!

Community Specialist

'Add category' actually only allows you to add an existing label to the pool where you can choose from later on, it doesn't seem to be able to create new kind of labels.