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Copy relationship details into multiple relationship


A node can have 1-2 relationships with a node. Either a node leads another node i.e (A)-[:Leads{subtype:"1"]->(B) or a node mentors another node similar format as Leads above or a node leads and mentors a node so A=B (both lead and mentor relationship type).

Now if we come to know another node that was in between two nodes the node should be added appropriately i.e if C  should be in-between A and B it should be created and the relationships should be copied along with their types and properties while the original direct relationship is deleted

So A-B -> A-C-B or A=B -> A=C=B (the relationships should be copied dynamically)

Similarly if a nodes turns out to be no longer part of the path it should be deleted along with the relationships so A-C-B -> A-B (if c is no longer needed)

there will be multiple paths following one of the two operations mentioned