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Copy paste text from property from cypher result

Graph Buddy

Hello Everyone,

In the latest version of Neo4j 4.1.3 with Desktop browser version 1.3.10. I cannot select the text from the results. Is there a setting that needs to be set to allow for this?

Often I just want to copy paste one of the property values that comes back from the cypher query. So how do I do that?

Kind regards,


Graph Voyager


You could export the result in several formats.


Hello Juan,

Thank you for responding. It turns out that it is some sort of bug, as when I restarted the browser, I was able to select the results as per usual.

If it happens again I will see if I can reproduce it and report it to the company.

Once again, thanks.

Node Clone

I am experiencing the same problem. Exporting the file to .csv or .json is an option, but, for my purposes, it is much faster to be able to just select part of the text in the Neo4j Browser results.

Sometimes I can do this and sometimes I can't. Feels like a bug...


This sounds like a good feature request, to enhance the copy&pasteability of content presented in Browser.

Please add a note here:


Node Link

Definitely a bug and still present in 4.2.6 of the Neo4j Browser
Seems to show up in sessions that have been opened for a while, or possibly after some number of queries have been executed.
Restarting the desktop app is the only way I have found so far to fix the issue but it always comes back eventually.

I should also note that this bug also seems to affect dragging favorited queries across folders. This prevents me from moving a query to a folder until I have closed my client and open it back up.