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Copy & Paste not working anymore


Hi there

It's deeply ennoying,

  • The copy & paste function in Neo4j browser 4.4.5 doesn't work properly anymore.
  • The favorites are not sync between the one in desktrop and the on in the browser
  • The favorites function with login just crash the neo4j browser in a webbrowser and burn the memory

I love Neo4j and all the efforts put in it, and if I can get my head out of the water at my dev job I want to contribute more in the academy, but I deeply hate the neo4j browser!

This thing needs to be rebuild from the ground, having a real cypher queries favorite management in the cloud would be amazingm I often find my self lost in my saved queries.


Hi Gabriel, which copy&paste function do you mean?

I'll share the rest with the team.

You can also raise those concrete product feedback issues via


Sorry if I was...intense, but the pain is terrible.

I mean CTRL + C and CTRL + V do not work anymore in Neo4j Browser 4.4.5 on my machine, it might be an issue with my machine only but it's just...a nightmare without it.

It's so a basic thing that we do every 5 secondes....

Thanks I will report it if the issue is still there after I update my computer or in windows too