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connecting bloom to neo4j community edition



I have installed neo4j 4.4.11 community version on a VM. I have installed the components such as Hop to create the data pipelines. They work as expected.  I need to know how to start the bloom on that machine. 

The Bloom plugin(bloom-plugin-4.x-2.5.1) is already downloaded and added to the 'plugins' folder.

I understand that I can start Bloom from the Neo4j Desktop Application however I am looking for a way to connect the Neo4j desktop application to the existing database I have already created via the server(browser) or start the bloom desktop application manually or from the browser. 

Basically, 2 questions are as follow:
1- how to start Bloom from the browser or manually on that VM and/or how to configure it so that it uses the existing local databases

2- how to install and configure Neo4j desktop to connect to the existing database as local DB, not the remote database. Since Bloom free version only supports local database