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Configuration specific to databases(in case of multi tenancy)

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Could be out of my reach on correct documentations(on v4.0)..! please point out if any documents

  1. configuration: If we have multiple databases per instance, how do i control specific configuration (neo4j.conf) for a specific database?

Scenario: multi tenant (for each tenant one db) we have privilege tenants(high paid customer) for them we have very precise SLA need to meet with respect to memory size, caching, and throughput of queries.

  1. readonly: can i start a specific database in readonly mode and rest of database in read write mode for a given instance.

  2. related to #2 , if that data(which was set on readonly) is replicated in other cluster. there is a delta that need to sync. till this database back in normal mode and sync with other cluster no transaction should be on this database. how to control this scenario

  3. like in desktop edition, plugin can be installed at project/database, now can i install at instance level?