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Change Data Capture SQL to Neo4j

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Hi. In my project I have PostgreSQL database as main DB and I need to keep synchronized my neo4j DB. To do so I wan to use Debezium for CDC, kafka and neo4j streams plugin. One of the reasons I prefer Debezium to jdbc is because it's real time. So at this point I want to get

PostgreSQL -> Debezium -> Kafka -> Confluent -> Neo4j
from documentation I found sink Neo4j CDC but only from another Neo4j DB.

Sink ingestion strategies
Change Data Capture Event
This method allows to ingest CDC events coming from another Neo4j Instance.

I am confused because I don't understand how exactly I should implement Change data Capture from psql to neo4j.


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Hi @armensanoyan,

if i've understand correctly you have to configure your Debezium connector as source (so that it extract new data from Postgres to a Kafka topic - let's call it my-topic) and Neo4j Streams plugin as sink (so that it can read events from my-topic, for example by configuring a cypher query which "transform" every event in a graph). Neo4j Streams can be used both to keep synchronized two neo4j instances, but also to keep synchronized different data sources.

Hi @armensanoyan,

any news?