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Can't Create New Perspective in Bloom Browser - Missing Blank Perspective Button


Doing a trial of Bloom, but the Blank Perspective button in the Perspective Gallery is missing in Bloom browser, so I can't add any new perspectives. Also, any any refreshes I do (e.g., to pick up new graph nodes/relationships) or changes I make to the one perspective there - which was added or changed by a co-worker - including adding new scenes and configuring options are lost. I'm using a 3-server cluster created by our DBAs, who also installed the Bloom software there for a trial. Any thoughts on why the Blank Perspective button is missing? Thanks!

Question: Was doing some reading and there was a mention that there are separate rights for Bloom that are different than the database. So, if I was defined by the server Admin with database WRITE access but with only Bloom READ access, could this possibly explain the missing option to add a new Perspective? Any way I can check what my Bloom rights are myself, or does an Admin need to look this up?

Additional info: Our company uses Menlo Security, which has interfered with some sites' features in the past (e.g., by suppressing websites' custom right-click menus). Any know issues with Menlo? I did notice that I'm not seeing any Neo4j/Bloom custom menus when I right click, if there are supposed to be some.



Check if the user you are logged in in Bloom with has write permission to the whole graph - when the Bloom plugin is installed in the database (which is how I interpret your scenario) perspectives can only be created by users with full write permissions. If you can't create perspectives the buttons will be removed in the UI.

About your question, could you link to the docs or reply with what section you're referring to because I'm not totally sure what you mean by Bloom READ vs Database WRITE etc?

No know issues with Menlo but it's also not something that has come up in a lot of customer installations so far.