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Can I make a neo4j database that is on a private network with no internet access?


Right now, I am only exploring whether neo4j is a good solution for a specific situation I have. I have some basic knowledge of neo4j and actually created a neo4j database that is now part of the production environment of a directorate inside of NASA, so I am not completely clueless about it, but I want to make another database now in a completely different environment than the one I had at NASA. The database will be hosted by a computer(s) on a private network with no internet access at all, though it will use a website internal to that network to provide the interface. I am fairly certain neo4j can be used in this environment, but would it be practical? How would installation and software updates be done for instance?

For possibly extra context, here is some more information, though it may be redundant to the question. We have software that perform analytical functions running on servers that are accessed and tasked by workstations on the private network (through the software's own website on the network) and this analytical software outputs the results of the analysis in reports, while the results are also saved on the server. Part of the function/use-case of the database I want to create is to extract certain information from that ouptut, with the analysis projects (the name of them anyway) being one type of node in the database. I apologize if this is a silly question with an obvious answer (I'm pretty sure neo4j can be run on a private network with no internet access, but I want to know the logistics of it and I'm a little rusty in using neo4j (6 years since I created a fully functional db and queries)),


Graph Buddy

You can create a standalone server in private network and access it internally.If you want you can export entire database from other server and import it on standalone server.After that you can run analytical jobs on that internal server as per your schedule.

Many thanks
Mr Sameer S G

Thanks for clearing that up for me. It has been a long time since I did anything with neo4j and I appreciate you going over that basic functionality.