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Browser for Aura doesn't save (cache) credentials

Graph Voyager

Been using Neo4j community edition and desktop edition for years, so for a client project I am trying out Aura.

I have a report utility that runs tabular reports from graph data, and sometimes I include a column that has a hyperlink to open a visual graph using a specified query in the neo4j browser. I'm doing this pretty simply using:<cypher query here>

When I used this with community edition, after authenticating, the credentials would remain cached for your session, so when you opened subsequent browser queries, it would already be logged in.

With aura I'm forced to login EVERY time.  Is there a way to enable cached credentials in the browser?


if you open browser on the database i.e. then it should allow to save the credentials.

by default it will use a shared domain across all db's which doesn't save passwords.

in the future that will be sorted out better

feel free to provide feedback at