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Bloom - Can I get a free Activation Key to play with BLOOM

Hi ,

I am interested in doing some research on BLOOM, but it needs an Activation Key.
Would it be possible if someone from Neo4j Team can share that.
I would like to do a POC with it to help others understand its potential and promote its use further down the road.




Pretty exciting piece of tech eh? Looks great in the videos? Yeah i know, i just wasted half a day trying to figure out how to get it. It's vaporware.


it's not vaporware - at all. It's just not FREE - it's commercial software. If you want to try it you can reach out to us and we will work with you to evaluate it. At the end of the evaluation we will ask you to purchase Bloom, though - so if that's not possible then you should kindly look elsewhere.


I share dylan's feeling. Bloom looks great in videos - but it's being a nightmare to navigate around a byzantine system of licensing! My company already acquired 3 licenses - and still cannot do such a basic, fundamental operation as connecting Bloom to a remote database.

Wasted days on it!

Bloom seems like marketing tool to get people entangled in an over-complicated system of licensing... Nothing wrong with premium features for large corporate users, but fundamentally Bloom is a sort of a glorified phpMyAdmin with better graphics, and ought to be regarded as a fairly basic part of Neo4j. People simply want to change property values without having to depend on Cypher queries. That's a very basic functionality, that you're bundling into overly fancy products we don't need, and are feeling forced to consider.



Bloom is commercial (not open source, not free) software. If you are interested in trying it then please contact us at and we will work with you to evaluate it for your project and (once we have proven the value) a purchase.



Hi rik
will you be able to share the cost of licnce

Now Bloom is now free, inbedded in Free Desktop (Enterprise edition, 4.+)

Hi Mouezapeter,

Thanks for brining this new. Where can we find the documentation for installing this free version? i checked it online and it looks like that we still need the Neo4j Bloom Server activation Key. And we need to get it from the Neo4j representative.


Hi Sharon,

Bloom is available with the Neo4j Desktop, free for development and prototyping against local databases in Desktop. You do not need an activation key for this. If you want to use Bloom with a Neo4j server somewhere else, then you will need the Bloom server plugin and an activation key (paid).

Node Link

How does one get this "Bloom server activation key"? My company is part of Neo4j startup program, and we got 3 keys in the acceptance email : 1) a license for Neo4j Enterprise ; 2) Bloom license key ; 3) Desktop activation key.

But what about the "activation key file " for the Bloom server component, as mentioned in ?

We never received any file. Is that the same thing as the "Bloom license key"? So, we just put that into a file? Isn't that a license for the CLIENT? Is it the same as the Bloom license for the SERVER plugin? Hugely confused!