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Best way to upgrade GDS version for Neo4j Browser

While trying to use one of the pre-loaded datasets on Neo4j Browser, and trying to use the graph-data-science library, it complaints about not being able to use the construct() method for gds due to version issue on the server. The error looks as follows:

IncompatibleServerVersionError: The call gds.alpha.graph.construct with parameters ['graph_name', 'nodes', 'relationships', 'concurrency'] requires GDS server version >= 2.1.0. The current version is 1.8.3

 I am curious to know what is the best way to upgrade the GDS version on Neo4j browser with the slack dataset (as an example). I am trying to follow this tutorial: where it used pandas dataframes for nodes and relationships. Some help and guidance here would be appreciated. Thank you!


Graph Fellow


Having just gone through this albeit with a bit of trouble.

First the database must be either at version 4.3 or 4.4.  My suggestion.

1. Stop database.

2. Uninstall plugins

3. upgrade database to latest version in the recommended step increments.

4. reinstall plugins.

5. restart database.



Thank you for the prompt response on this. I am using a dataset (slack) that Neo4j already provides on Neo4j Browser. However, while trying to STOP the database, it seems like the user does not have the desired privileges. Interestingly, I am unable to GRANT privileges as well. Error for STOP is as follows:

Permission has not been granted for STOP DATABASE. Try executing SHOW USER PRIVILEGES to determine the missing or denied privileges. In case of missing privileges, they need to be granted (See GRANT). In case of denied privileges, they need to be revoked (See REVOKE) and granted.

Below are the existing user privileges:

│"access" │"action"  │"resource"      │"graph"│"segment"        │"role"  │"user" │
│"GRANTED"│"execute" │"database"      │"*"    │"FUNCTION(*)"    │"PUBLIC"│"slack"│
│"GRANTED"│"execute" │"database"      │"*"    │"PROCEDURE(*)"   │"PUBLIC"│"slack"│
│"GRANTED"│"read"    │"all_properties"│"slack"│"NODE(*)"        │"slack" │"slack"│
│"GRANTED"│"traverse"│"graph"         │"slack"│"NODE(*)"        │"slack" │"slack"│
│"GRANTED"│"read"    │"all_properties"│"slack"│"RELATIONSHIP(*)"│"slack" │"slack"│
│"GRANTED"│"traverse"│"graph"         │"slack"│"RELATIONSHIP(*)"│"slack" │"slack"│
│"GRANTED"│"access"  │"database"      │"slack"│"database"       │"slack" │"slack"│

Curious to know what needs to be done to STOP the database in the first place, so I can try and replay the steps as mentioned in the response.

Thank you!