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Best tool to draw knowledge graphs

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Hi guys, I'm looking for a tool where I can draw and model knowledge graphs to place in documents and reports. Something similar to Astah for UML. Do you know any tool with which I can do that?

Thanks in advance!


Graph Voyager

Arrows is the go-to tool for graph db modelling -

Thank you for your answer, Terry, seems to be a really simple tool and meets the requirement. Do you know if it is possible to open a previous saved model?

Hi. Do you know if Arrows could create self-loop relationships? I don't know how to create a relationship from a node to itself. Many thanks.

You can create a self loop relationship by clicking the node in question and drag the outer perimeter/boarder of the node back to itself

Graph Voyager

I've used the Export Markup button to both copy out and in XML, seems to work in both directions.


Thanks for suggestions. I recently started using the "arrow" tool for graph data modeling, its super cool and more importantly its free. While watching a webinar recently I came across a variation of the same "arrows" utility i.e What I like about this is, to represent the data domains using colors (attaching the image file for reference). However somehow it did not allow me to download/use. Wondering anyone had luck using/exploring it??

Looks like the utility I mentioned above is only for internal purpose and not available in public domain.

First of all thanks for sharing this link! it's the first time I know this new arrows tool. I think the visualization is great and we can choose from 4 different themes. The only thing is we cannot import by markdown or CQL and have to start from zero. But looks like it's available to the public now and the download icon works for me

Thanks! could be open source or deploy on offline line ?

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I came across this resource that might be of interest to exploring other Graph tools. I haven't looked at all of them but these appear to have some interaction with Neo4j - Graphleon, Hackolade, Graphware-Hume, NodeEra, and Arrow. Some also have free/student versions. Look at this page for further suggestions:

Graph Fellow

I would highly recommend Hackolade. Been using for 3 years for Neo4j , Cassandra and MongoDB.

Great tool.

Looks good unfortunately limited to 14 day free trial and 75 euro a year subscription otherwise. At least for a beginner a free option would be better.

@mp.chean, check with their sales. I got some discounts. its holiday season also ..

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Another hand up for
It's a lot better than hammering in cypher code for manually entering data. I choose to store my data in the local browser storage (firefox.) I also backup the graph by exporting to .json files. I can import those into an empty arrows map and reconstitute the graph that I saved out.
--My second Knowledge Map of the Molten Salt Reactor Industry has gotten so large that I've broken it into multiple arrows maps (by saving and importing .json files.) I enter them into the Neo4j browser by exporting cypher code blocks from each arrows graph. I cut and past one after another into the Neo4j browser entry window. Then I have a LOT of dragging nodes into a sensible graph.

Graph Steward

How do you delete a Node with this tool? It's not obvious to me how to do that.


How do you delete a Node with this tool?

'this tool'? if then if you select / click the node and hit your [delete] key on your keyboard the node should delete

Thanks. Somehow it didn't work for me at first. (Yes, the Arrow tool.)

Yup. And be careful that you've only selected what you want to delete. There's no undo in arrows (that I've found.)

Graph Steward

Is there a way to import the exported JSON back into Arrows?

I'd like to be able to keep the knowledge graph under version control. (Also, if there is an accidental deletion, it would be nice to be able to go back to a previous version.)

Yes. I've exported to JSON for backup. I also import from JSON into scratch files to separate out several arrows maps from one overcrowded arrows map making them easier to work with. I only wish arrows was more robust (not just running in a browser window.) It gets glitch-ey, doesn't work as smoothly as a dedicated app could (all of a sudden I have the wrong thing selected and nodes zooming way off the map.) It would be nice if it was the optional smooth running GUI manual data input into Neo4j Desktop.

Graph Steward

How did you do an import of JSON. I didn't see anything in the Arrows app that allowed for it.

(I'm probably missing something obvious...)

Not that obvious. If you mouse over the arrow on the left hand side a menu pops up for importing. I wish that the Neo4j crew would embellish this program.

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Help! has blanked out taking with it weeks of work and the controls on the right side, left side, import, export etc... I've backed everything up to .json files but there are no controls to import to (see example image.)

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OK. The way I dealt with this is I went into the firefox browser privacy settings and deleted out the two browser cookies associated with It seems that's where was storing the local data (I elected not to use google cloud.) That gave me back the controls when I went into and I was able to import the .json file backup. If I hadn't saved out the .json files I'd have lost weeks worth of work. The end.
-Like I mentioned before, I wish they'd make a polished version of arrows. Maybe they could make it a feature of the Browser desktop.
-From now on I'll try to make sure that I never have on a firefox browser tab when I shut it down or let the computer hibernate.
-If you use arrows, backup to a .json file somewhere and keep it reasonably current because you may need it.