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Neo4j Graph Platform

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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Resolved! UNION vs MATCH/WITH/COLLECT/UNWIND performance

How is the performance of UNION queries versus the MATCH/WITH/COLLECT/UNWIND strategy? The latter allows for post-union processing for sorting and processing, but I fear a performance hit in looping through the result sets. I wonder if it is better t...

awu by Node
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Resolved! Get top/bottom node by property value

I suspect that I'm just asking a basic question in a new and less intelligent way, but is there a way of getting just the top/bottom node by value without going through an ORDER BY, collect()[..1], UNWIND? It just feels very long-winded, and somethi...

dbeaumon by Node Link
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Can't create a node with nested sub-properties

I have searched everywhere, but cannot find the answer to this. I need to create a node Config that has a Properties object with 2 key/value pairs (name and type). The keys, when queried, should end up as and properties.type. But I ca...

Create 1 node for use during CSV loading

Simply put, I have a Spark job that's run, the output of which is a CSV. Currently, I load this CSV into Neo4j without problems. But, I'd like to do one more step: add a single node representing information about the job run to the graph that will li...

massung by Node Clone
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Information about the Bolt protocol

Hello everyone, where can I find information about how to use the bolt protocol? I mean, without using a driver, like if I would like to use the protocol to communicate with Neo4j directory.

Resolved! How can I add a condition in "SIMILARITY"

Excuting the query of similarity was successuful by using this : MATCH (at1:Attrib)<-[r:ASSIGNED]-(c:Contrat)-[x:ASSIGNED]->(at2:Attrib) MERGE (at1)-[s:SIMILARITY]-(at2) And then , to display only Attribs which are working together , I worked with ...

Procedure return type

Hello everyone, I am having some problems with the Cypher procedures. I want to return the graph that I get from executing a cypher query but I can't wrap my head around what type I need to return from my procedure method and what GraphDatabaseServic...

Resolved! Variable Length path - multiple relationships returned

Why does this query return more than just the produced relationship ? Also, what does the limit clause in this query represent? I'm not sure exactly what it is limiting to 3. match p=(k:Person)-[:PRODUCED*2]-(m) where not (k)-[:PRODUCED]-(m) return p...

rcfro2 by Node Clone
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Copying a graph.db

I would like to know, what is the exact procedure to copy a graph.db file on all three instances on my cluster? I have the file locally stored in the all three vms under /home, now I need to move them to /var/lib/neo4j/data/database? thank you

tharshy by Node Link
  • 10 replies
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