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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Resolved! Error in graph-algorithms-algo-3.4.7

Hi, I've been trying to get the to work on my data, but from what I understand there seem to be a bug in how the function returns nodeId's Following the examples provided for the library, here is my simple query call algo.pageRan...

slygren by Node Clone
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Resolved! Neo4j Fails to Start - suddenly - tons of data

ubuntu@ip-10-1-32-39:~$ journalctl -u neo4j -f -- Logs begin at Tue 2018-10-09 13:47:02 UTC. -- Oct 09 14:11:42 ip-10-1-32-39 neo4j[11014]: plugins: /var/lib/neo4j/plugins Oct 09 14:11:42 ip-10-1-32-39 neo4j[11014]: import: /var/lib/ne...

Graph algorithms Louvain Issue

Previously working Louvain queries no longer work on new graph algo version (Using Neo4j version Here is the error: Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError: Unknown procedure output: community (line 7, column 14 (offset: 257)) "YIELD ...

Resolved! Cypher: `WITH *` is legit?

Hello All! I am looking for documentation that confirms that WITH * is a supported construct I can’t find it on: ...but it came up in an example on Slack a few days ago, and it see...

Resolved! Cartesian product from array

Hi! I have an array of unknown length that I want to create the cartesian product for. In the example I have three arrays with 3, 1 and 2 elements each. So I use three UNWINDs, but can this be done for X number of elements in the array with one state...

Draw graph after call

Guys, I have the following query: MATCH (c:City {normalized_name: pLiveAddrCity}), (:TenantMAS {name: pTenantName})<-[:as_seen_by]-(la:LocalAgent {id: pAgentId}) MERGE (new_addr:Address { street_name: pLiveAddrStreetName, number: ...

How do I use the browser using ssh tunnel?

I set up an ssh tunnel to access the cluster inside an AWS VPC. I point my browser at localhost:7474/browser and log in using the correct creds but it's giving a service unavailable error. I can curl to the cluster using the same creds with no proble...

henry by Node Link
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Resolved! Speeding up my graph update

Guys, how are you? I am updating my graph to get rid of my Year nodes. I have set the following query and it has been running for roughly 8 hours, but it only executed 15% of the job so far: call apoc.periodic.commit(" match (afe:Measurement)-[:tak...

Unwind creates 2 rows instead of one

Hello, I am new in Neo4j. I am trying to import a json(schema) file in order to see the data in the graph. The json file looks like this: { "data": { "id": "3124test2134", "information": [ { "name": "info name", "tags": ...

Angelos by Node Link
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