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Neo4j Graph Platform

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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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List of all paths DAG?

Hi all. I have a large oracle database that I am importing as part of a GDPR cleanup , each table in oracle is a Label in neo4j with the fields of the table as properties in the Label. I desire to join the Labels (one created in the db for each row) ...

Resolved! Bulk Import Neo4j 3.5.0 desktop windows

Just installed Neo4j desktop this passed week. I was able to create a graph.db and start it up and browser took me to play screen. Appears I have thing installed correctly. I've scourged the import documentation and tried several flavors. Issue: Un...

Resolved! How to show aggregate info in Graph

Hi All, I want to do some analysis(identify a Pattern or see how many times a person is sendering money) on the data using the graphs. I have a table which have 5 columns. Txn IDTrade NumberSenderBrokerReceiver112345Bank 1Broker 1Receiver 1256789Ban...

How to monitor Neo4j with Prometheus

Commencing with the release of Neo4j 3.4, one can now use the open source monitoring tool Prometheus to monitor Neo4j. The following article details a basic Prometheus implementation to demonstrate the connectivity between Prometheus v2.2.1 and Neo4j...

Replace relationship Or switch relationship

Hello Everyone, I need some help in a scenario related to relationship. For E.g. currently i am having a relationship between two nodes A and B like below. A-[rel]->B now it may be possible that in future it get changed . for all properties and data ...

12kunal34 by Graph Fellow
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Resolved! Need explanation of a query

Hi, I read an article on Northwind database: Neo4j Graph Database Platform Neo4j Data Import: Moving Data from RDBMS to Graph Learn the various ways to export data from your relational database and import it into Neo4j –...

vsaran by Neo4j
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Best way to run multi-statement cypher query

What is the best way to run a multi-statement cypher query? I would like to run a small cypher query without running transactions in Java etc, simply for partial backup/restore purposes. As far as I understand this would be done using CSV or cypher. ...

folterj by Node Clone
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Resolved! Bulk Import limitations

So I am trying to import 26 million rows in around 300 csv files (using bash to execute the bulk import code). I come across a limitation in the number of csv's I can reference before I'm told , that the command is too long... And some of those csv's...

Bulk loader using group name

I’m loading data using the bulk importer but specifying the group name for the :ID field to avoid collisions if an ID from one node type is the same as the ID from another node type. I loaded two files for the same node type, and they have different ...

Resolved! StackOverflowError on cypher-shell

Hi, I've made a small script (30 lines) using apoc procedures (periodic.iterates, load.csv, do.when & convert.toString). The loaded csv is 100MB. The script works fine when launching using cat file.cypher | cypher-shell but I having error when launch...

neo4j by Node Clone
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