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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Problems importing relationships

Hello i have Neo 1.1.12 on Mac OSX with Neo Browser 3.4.9 i have a problem when i import a CSV for relationships within 2 nodes types: USER(user_id, user_name) and PAGE(page_id,page_name) the command is: USING PERIODIC COMMIT 500 load csv with header...

Resolved! Apoc.load.jdbc problem querying advantage database

Problem is LIKELY the quite old implementation that SAP is using in their jdbc driver, but unfortunately I think I'm stuck with it. Using Advantage JDBC Driver 11.1 driver loads ok, and I am querying the database, but I suspect APOC is using a much ...

pdrangeid by Graph Voyager
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Resolved! How can I display a value of a relation

Hey folks, I'm new in Neo4j and so I'm still playing arround. The problem: I have a node named person and a node named book. The relationship between the two nodes is called favorite. This relationship has an order how much a person likes the book. N...

red by Node
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Resolved! Graph refactoring

For the purposes of refactoring, I would like to find similar paths in my graph. I have several nodes joined with relationships of type NEXT and the paths are differentiated by an extra property. For example, rel.pathType = "pathA". I would like to f...

Negation of Single Node

The query below - MATCH (p:Person)-[:WROTE]->(m:Movie) WHERE NOT exists( (p)-[:DIRECTED]->() ) RETURN, m.title reads as such, correct? "Match all people who wrote a movie who did not direct ANY movie" It does not read as the following: "Match ...

rcfro2 by Node Clone
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Resolved! Csv triples to neo4j graph

I have a csv file having 5 columns. I want to model a graph in the following way: First column-> node Second column -> label of the node from first column Fourth column-> node Fifth column -> label of the node from fourth column Third column -> relat...

pckrt by Node
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Resolved! Problems since upgrade neo4j to 3.5.1

Hi, Since i upgrade neo4j from 3.4 to 3.5.1 i have problems with long running queries. What i see is that there even running long system queries. Like, CALL dbms.cluster.role() but i don't have a cluster.

Resolved! Traverse to end node

Hi, im trying to get products where there is a HasHolding relationship then traverse up all products where IsNewEditionOf relationship until I get to the end node and just return the end nodes in the image layout id only want chart 1 edition 3 and c...

Path conundrum for rule solving engine

Hi! I'm working on a rule solving engine. The problem is that when I run it first the results needs to be fed into the engine again and potentially again and again. Is it possible to solve this with just one run? This is my data. CREATE (a:XTEST {id:...

Weighted Relationship

Hello I have a table about transactions with same collumns as ID_TRANSACTION, DT_TRANSACION, ID_COMPANY, ID_CUSTOMER, etc. I need to create a graph with relation between the companies, the more common customers the greater the relationship. The table...

Connection to server lost - Too many traffic?

Hi, I host my own neo4j db (version 3.4.9 - Edition entreprise) . And sometime I have this error (see on interface) : BoltConnectionError: No connection found, did you connect to Neo4j? in neo4j interface and sometimes my application fail to connect ...