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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Bulk creation of Relationships

Hey, I am currently trying to build a test set for an algorithm Problem that I have. My goal is to build a team building app. Let us think we have a pool of 10.000 Persons each Person can like other Persons and also dislike. For my test set I am gene...

Using sparse matrices in this platform

Hi I am new here. I am not sure this is a good place to ask this or not. I have thousand of matrices with different dimension. All of them are square matrices. I want to convert them in graph or any embeddings that can be applied as input for Neural ...

Resolved! Neo4j Clustering without storage copy?

Hello! I'm new to neo4j and I'm interested in neo4j scalability. I would know if there is some way to cluster neo4j without making copies of the database. As SQL databases can partition by month or by id, I don't know how neo4j can resolve this probl...

Cypher's preprocessing's bug

Hello, The following query crashes (with a "Syntax Error"): MATCH (n) return n LIMIT 1; MATCH (n) UNWIND range(0, 5) as x // Return n RETURN n And when a newline character is added before the comment it does not crash anymore. MATCH (n) return n L...

o9384496 by Node Link
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Page Rank Problem

Hello, I am trying to use Page Rank algorithm in an amout of data. It is a triplified content in rdf format. The data consists in a group of datasets registered with their metadata, keywords to explain their topics. The idea is to find the most influ...

SQL Array type vs. Neo4j

I started to model my database using SQL but I had a problem. I need a field to be an Array of foreign keys but as I searched this is impossible with SQL. Is it possible to do something similar in Neo4j? CREATE TABLE places ( id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY, t...

aKANJx by Node
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Community on AWS: Cluster Placement Group?

Default instance type for AWS is m3.xlarge which does not support Placement Groups. I want to group my neo server with my app servers to minimize network latency. Has anyone had success with this? Moved neo to a different instance type?

sam1 by Node
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Neo4j User Defined Function cannot be installed

Hello everyone! I am trying to create a user defined function in Neo4j. I did it exactly as they did it in their examples: After deploying and creating the JAR I copied the JAR into the plug...

Luca_S by Node
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Load CSV with Column Headers as property and values

Is there a way to load a csv with the column headers as the properties of a certain node label and the corresponding values to each row without having to explicitly list it out: So instead of below: LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "some_csv.csv" AS row CR...

rcfro2 by Node Clone
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Filter on Neo4j UI

Hi, I am having a Neo4J dashboard, wherein I output nodes of a particular category eg. "Category : Study" and within Study category I have Study 1", "Study 2", and so on etc. In my Cypher query, I return the entire Study node and when it is expanded...