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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Neo4j query really slow

So, I am running a local neo4j database which has 5000 nodes, 5000 relationships and is of 120MB in size. I am running a query: MATCH p=(:Tweet)-[:REPLIED_TO|RETWEETED_FROM*]->(:Tweet)-[:REPLIED_TO|RETWEETED_FROM]->(:Tweet {type: 'TWEET'}) RETURN p L...

Dragotic by Node Link
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Path in neo4j doesn't display in neovis.js

Hi, My node displays - v1/claims/intimation as its display name in Neo4j and it has properties - name: v1/claims/intimation and value: v1/claims/intimation . However, it doesn't display the same name in Neovis. Instead it displays its name as "Path...

sucheta by Graph Buddy
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Merge Relationships with node ids efficiently

I use this query to relate some nodes between other nodes that the user has. The problem I have is that when a lot of relationships are created, it takes longer and longer. I'm trying to find the bottleneck here but I'm missing why or what. If you ca...

Returning Graph with Relationship Stats as Properties

Hi All, MATCH (a:Application)-[r]-(b) WHERE'MyApplication' AND type(r) in ['EXPORTS_DATA','IMPORTS_DATA'] WITH startNode(r) as sNode, endNode(r) as eNode, type(r) AS relType, COUNT(r) AS relCount RETURN sNode, eNode, apoc.create.vRelationsh...

Ali by Node
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How to undo write operations?

Suppose neo4j has already many nodes/relations in it, call it v1.0, now I'm trying to write new programs to write new nodes/relations into it, say v2.0. Even under careful test, these programs will inject unexpected data errors, because I can only te...

melonux by Node
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Query an existing Neo4j graph using SPARQL

Hello Community, we have an existing Neo4j graph ingested using MERGE statements. Now I want to query this graph via SPARQL queries. Basically I need a converter from SPARQL to Cypher. Could you provide some information for us please? Thank you!

Graphml Export/Import problems - prolog error

I am trying to move my database from one server running community edition, to another running enterprise. I export my files using <apoc.export.graphml.all('/var/lib/neo4j/import/complete-graph-april.graphml', {cypherFormat:"updateAll"})/> And import ...

Jaccard algorithm returns no records

I am using Neo4j Desktop 1.1.20, Neo4j 3.5.2, Graph algorithms I am following along with the documentation for streaming jaccard similarities and keep getting no results. Cypher: </> WITH [ {item: 0, categories: [30633,30648,30630]}, {item: ...

How to include shortest path for like query

Hi, I want to find multiple shortest paths on one single screen or for example i want to show the path of all the nodes with the name return in them that is done using the like query. I tried to create it but i was unsuccessful and was getting erro...

sucheta by Graph Buddy
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Max Page Cache value not being respected

Hi, We are facing issues with constantly growing neo4j memory, which ultimately crashes the server. We are running neo4j 3.4 in production on EC2 machine r4.8xlarge with linux OS. ( 32cores, 244 GB ram) Our DB is 2T in size. We are using the followin...

shweta by Node Link
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