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Beta Opportunity for Neo4j Workspace

Introducing Neo4j Workspace We’re inviting you to check out Neo4j Workspace. Workspace combines our most powerful graph tools (Data Importer, Bloom, and Browser) all in one place to help you get up and running with graph databases faster. For experie...

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 12.48.07 PM.png
TrevorS by Community Team
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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Resolved! Select top 3 within each group

Hello, I am just beginning to learn Cypher on Neo4j Desktop. If I have a data set that looks like this: year subject num_students 2014 python 24 2014 java 29 2014 c# 12 2015 python 34 2105 java 31 2015 c# 23 2015...

Second MATCH doesn't start

If the first MATCH doesn't found anything. The second MATCH doesn't work (but node exist in DB) How could it be fixed? Example MATCH(h1:Human)-[r]->(d:DOG{name:"rome"}) WITH DISTINCT h1 MATCH(h2:Human{name:"Tom"}) RETURN h2

pavloN by Node Clone
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Fine-tuning for injection performance

I have set up Neo4j 3.5.11 and am trying to finetune performance during a massive data injection. Everything is working nicely so far, but i keep getting these warnings in debug.log: 2019-09-30 12:40:11.115+0000 WARN [o.n.b.r.BoltConnectionReadLimite...

Nodes(path) returns the node graph, NOT a list

I'm trying to represent Enigma rotors with neo4j. match (input:Input{IN:"A"}) match path=(n:Rotor1{IN:input.IN})-[*]-(m) return input,nodes(path) returns the connected nodes, but never a list. Is it because the path is not oriented? How can I extrac...

Create new user from Ubuntu command line

I am doing some dev-ops work in the AWS environment (unmanaged) with Neo4j Enterprise causal cluster using version 3.5.8. I would like to be able to add a new user from an Ubuntu bash command line. The best resource I have found so far is here: ...

neo4joe by Node Clone
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Resolved! Setup EC2 instance with AMI does not work

Today an EC2 instance with the current neo4j community edition AMI was set up for me. But this failed despite several attempts. 1st attempt: EC2 instance with ami-0e6865c9b4a3f869d error message I assume: Subscribing seems not to be allowed here fro...

Checkpoint trigger killing performance

I have a lot of output Spark data that I'm attempting to load via LOAD CSV, and everything appears to go well until a checkpoint is hit, at which point the server performance not only tanks, but it refuses to improve. Here's some example log output b...

massung by Node Clone
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Path finding in cypher query

Hi everyone, I have a question about how it works a traversal operation in a cypher query. The search starts by finding the start point. After that, the relationships are traversed. This traverse is it done in parallel or sequently? Thank you

algo.unionFind connected component

Hello All, I'm a newbie in Neo4j. I load a csv file (format: id) for the nodes and a csv file (format: id id share) for the relationships. I look at the connected components but I want to consider only the major relationships (above 50%), so I use th...

depire by Node Clone
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