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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Graph Model

I need to have 2 types of Nodes Person and Movie. Person node can have 2 types of Label :Person:Actor {actor_name:,actor_age:,actor_gender:,earned:,Action:} 2):Person:Director{director_name:,director_age:,director_gender:, famous_for:} Data is comin...

yFiles Neo4j Explorer connection issue

Hello, I'm trying to test for the first time yFiles Neo4j Explorer, but, although i've placed the correct bolt port and password (those being the sole default requirements), it fails to create a connection for further queries. Using or not the encry...

Manifest.json not working for app hosted online

We have a web app at Data Explorer for Neo4j that can be used as a graph app. However, the values specified in manifest.json seem to have no effect. The app-starter readme states that " Neo4j Desktop looks for a manifest.json in the web root". Am I...

Query slow when relationship depth is 2

Hi, guys! I have below nodes and relationships in my graph: (c:Contact {tel:}) (r:Role {roleId: properties.roleId}) (c:Contact)-[ri:ROLE_IS]->(r:Role) (c1:Contact)-[htc:HAS_TEL_CONTACT]->(c2:Contact) There are about 0.1 billion nodes ...

Unable to restore backup

Hi I recently took an online backup of my 2.3Tb neo4j database. After restoring it, I am trying to start the database but it is failing to startup. Attached the debug.log. It is getting stuck after "initializing metrics". I have ensured that the perm...

shweta by Node Link
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Importing excel data from Paradise Papers

Hi I have just downloaded Neo4j and the paradise papers data to analyse for a research paper on the ecological impact of corporations in tax havens. However I am stuck as I have downloaded the excel spreadsheets from here: https://offshoreleaks.icij....

Resolved! When should we close the database connection?

With the following example: class MyDatabase(object): def __init__(self, uri, user, password): self._driver = GraphDatabase.driver(uri, auth=(user, password)) def close(self): self._driver.close() When should we call the close method? Lo...

ri8ika by Graph Voyager
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Is Cypher statement secured?

I was browsing some content for research and found this which states: The neo4j-browser is vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. The vulnerability allows a malicious attacker to execute code code through a incorrectly sanitized Cypher St...

ri8ika by Graph Voyager
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New User - Having Difficulties

Hello, I have just installed Neo4j on a Windows 10 computer by following the instructions in this video. When I try to create a new graph database under a project, it consistently gives me ...

graphy by Node
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Resolved! Why Cypher doesn't support quote in property keys?

Why the Cypher doesn't support quotes in property key? For eg. The following will throw an error: CREATE (l:Label { 'name': "Some Int'l name" } ) RETURN l Invalid input ''': expected whitespace, comment, a property key name, '}', an id...

ri8ika by Graph Voyager
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Example project CSV location and query explanation?

On the Developer example project page in Data Setup ( is a Cypher statement to LOAD CSV from Dropbox. Cool! Dropbox would be great to share a quick proof of concept graph analysis, but the Dropbox file path...

Unknown function 'exists'

I am inspecting yFiles foe neo4j and realised exists queries to Neo4J does not work. I googled and see stackflow link like this. Unknown function 'exists' neo4j, cypher asked by ...