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Beta Opportunity for Neo4j Workspace

Introducing Neo4j Workspace We’re inviting you to check out Neo4j Workspace. Workspace combines our most powerful graph tools (Data Importer, Bloom, and Browser) all in one place to help you get up and running with graph databases faster. For experie...

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 12.48.07 PM.png
TrevorS by Community Team
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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Resolved! Lazy coalesce

I was hoping to do something like: coalesce( head([(n1)-[r:FIRST_REL]->(n2) | r]), head([(n1)-[r:SECOND_REL]->(n2) | r]), head([(n1)-[r:THIRD_REL]->(n2) | r]) ) AS r to get the first of similar relationships that might exist between two nodes....

Checking the value of the key and getting its value

I have some nodes and the keys in the nodes are as following: query = ''' MATCH (p:Product) RETURN keys(p)''' ["formula_Default", "Product URL", "Data Location", "Disc technology", "Provider HQ", "GHz", "Memory", "Price monthly", "vCore", "SLA", "Sup...

Resolved! Proper use of UNWIND

Hi, I am trying to add a new nodes for each WCC component and connect each alias node to it is component node. I am doing this with only one MATCH command and the UNWIND command - is this possible? I tried MATCH (n:alias) with n.GraphProperty_wcc_th...

Property with as data structure

Dear Everyone, Neo4J 4.0 Browser Desktop 4.0.3 Operating system OSX Mojave I have been reading about the use of Apoc maps for about a week, but none of the stuff I have watched or read actually use it in the query. This page

tideon by Graph Buddy
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Resolved! Cannot Connect to Bolt Service (Looks like HTTP)

I've trying to connect to a remote Neo4j instance via the python driver. I'm using python 3.7 and the most up to date version of the driver. I have no issues connecting via the browser and I get this: bolt://<ip-address>:7687 No issues but when I tr...

Resolved! Could you please help with WHERE?

H, I have test graph I'd like to write query to get products of clients who bought the same what client 101 but DO NOT SHOW products of client 101 (show only their products). First relation only So on the list should be products: 205, 202, 204 My qu...

Gosforth by Graph Buddy
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Resolved! Problem with apoc procedures

Hello, I have the apoc jar in the plugins directory and file.cyp in the import directory. I want to use call apoc.cypher.runFile("file.cyp"); to execute cypher from script file, and i have the configuration as below: apoc.import.file.enabled=true dbm...

madiskou by Graph Buddy
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Resolved! How best to do parallel processing

We have a lot of (n1:EffortUser)-[r1:EFFORT]->(n2:EffortObject) that need to be counted by day and week, i.e. how many EffortObject:Email did a EffortUser SENT ... if you have a lot of users and emails that can take quite some time so we would like t...

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