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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Change property name

Hello I need to change the name of the property in a relationship between nodes I have node A and B and R as a relationship between them. In R there is a NAME property and I need to change NAME to OCCURRENCE. I tried to use this syntax to overwrite N...

Node or Property?

Greetings, How to decide between Node or a property on a node for performance. I have a label called : Customer and there will be about 80 million are so nodes of this type. They all have the properties called Country, State and City along with other...

skmami by Node Clone
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COVID-19 determine probability of virus transmission

Hello. My team is working on a government project to help detect and prevent virus transmission. Using different technologies (Wifi, bluetooth, gps, manual input) we are able to detect human to human contact events. Based on the nature and characteri...

felipe by Node Link
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NullCheckReference error

I am getting this error which I really feel it's a bug org.neo4j.cypher.internal.physicalplanning.ast.NullCheckReference So lets take this from the beginning. When I run this query everythinks works fine. match (manufacturer)-[:HAS_BRAND]-(brand:Bra...

admin3 by Node Clone
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Query running endlessly for large input file

Hello, I am using Neo4J Community 3.5.17. I wanted to find the closest :Fraud node to a :Person node for a list of fids(Person unique identifier) and am using the following query. Please note fids are currently of string type whereas the input and ou...

Graph data science library

I have the Neo4j-Desktop version 1.2.3 and the new library Graph data science doesnt exist sto i tried to install a jar from the and i put it in the pluggins of the neo4j but the database didnt work and the library didnt ex...