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Beta Opportunity for Neo4j Workspace

Introducing Neo4j Workspace We’re inviting you to check out Neo4j Workspace. Workspace combines our most powerful graph tools (Data Importer, Bloom, and Browser) all in one place to help you get up and running with graph databases faster. For experie...

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TrevorS by Community Team
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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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AWS AMI's not available in Stockholm region?

Per this post: Deploy to Amazon EC2: Host a Single Instance of Neo4j on AWS - Developer Guides I succesfully launched the enterprise AMI in the eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) region. I'd like to move to the eu-north-1 (Stockholm) region for cost saving but...

Resolved! Count Relationships per Row?

We have users, groups and a third thing (measurements) in our database. User can be members of one or more groups. (g1:Group) / (User) - (Measurement) \ (g2:Group) Now I need to do something with the Measurement...

BairDev by Node Clone
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Frequently returns nothing on same query

Hello, I'm using Neo4j on a cluster using the helm chart. but I am experiencing frequent "no result" for the same query that usually returns some nodes and relationships. I want to understand why this happens. is it possible to give me some hints on ...

Load CSV in NEO4J from spectrum table redshift

Greetings Everyone, The tracking data of the website that i am building goes to S3 bucket and from there i pulled the data to external table/ spectrum table in Redshift. is it possible to load the table as CSV into graph database? Thank You!

shubham by Node Clone
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Resolved! Return Min, Max of Aggregate functions

Hi All, I have a product database where all the products are associated with Category and Sub Category relations. The matching cypher looks like this MATCH (C:Category)-[:hasChild]->(S:SubCategory)-[:hasChild]-(SC:SubCategoryr2)-[:hasProduct]->(P:Pro...

Apoc.load.csv vs LOAD CSV?

hi, can someone explain why apoc.load.csv was developed given that there is cypher LOAD CSV ? is this something that only made sense compared to an older version of cypher ? or else what currently are the pro / con of using apoc.load.csv vs LOAD CSV ...

Resolved! Inserting a Python Dictionary Inside a Node

I'm trying to put a Python dictionary inside of nodes, because I recieve data as a dictionary in Python and need to save it in Neo4j. My query looks like this: "create (a {name:"node", text: "", values: {color: "red", size: "7 m"}}) " and it gives me...

m_h98 by Node
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Nodes without Names

I have data like the above(toy example, let's take the top 3 lines.), for one question there could be multiple answers in the *.CSV file. Because I have the question in only one cell, the remaining cells are created as nodes without names. Is there ...

Are there new 4.3.x AMIs awailable?

Tried to find the latest AMI in the AWS console but it only contains (neo4j owned) images up to 4.2.4. Neither community nor enterprise images are available with an higher version. Is the support for AMIs being discontinued? Best, Tino

Resolved! Unable to create relation with FOREACH clause

Hi, I'm trying to create relation to link event MATCH (c:Car {carID:car_ID})-[:takePlace]->(e:Event) with e ORDER BY e.start_time with collect(e) as events FOREACH(i in RANGE(0, size(events)-2) | create (events[i])-[:NEXT]->(events[i+1])) And I...

oli by Graph Buddy
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Working with multilayer networks?

Hi everyone! I'm working on one specific case which involves multilayer networks and therefore considering to use Neo4j instead of the mostly unstandardized software solutions like MuxViz, Py3plex, etc. For more info please visit https://link.springe...

Connection acquisition timed out while core is down

Hey, I'm running neo4j cluster of 3 cores and 2 readers. While doing failover of the follower/leader I'm getting "Connection acquisition timed out" errors until the follower/leader start again. I'm using "neo4j-driver" (4.3.0) nodejs driver for the c...

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