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Beta Opportunity for Neo4j Workspace

Introducing Neo4j Workspace We’re inviting you to check out Neo4j Workspace. Workspace combines our most powerful graph tools (Data Importer, Bloom, and Browser) all in one place to help you get up and running with graph databases faster. For experie...

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TrevorS by Community Team
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About the Neo4j Graph Platform Category

The Neo4j Graph Platform includes the core database and all the technologies surrounding the database, making it useful and accessible for a lot of different users. When asking a question, please select a descriptive label that best matches your quer...

yolande by Community Team
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Elapsed time (query log) meaning

Hi! I am using Neo4j 4.3.1 and currently monitoring a Neo4j instance. What is the meaning of elapsed time(it can't be total time because cpu time was higher than elapsedtime) how do I get the query total time?

Linking relations between two nodes to a third node

Hi, this was likely addressed before but I am new to graph databases so the answers confuse me. I am extracting relations from text and want to store the extracted network in neo4j while keeping a pointer back to the text from which the relation came...

Exporting Neo4J 3.3.9 to a CSV file

Hello, I'm trying to export some data from my Neo4J db 3.3.9 to a CSV file and I use this: match (c:Context{name:'networkScience'})<-[rels:IN]-(s:Statement) WITH collect(distinct c) AS co, collect(distinct s) AS st, collect(distinct rels) as rrels CA...

No documentation for APOC 3.5 anywhere to be found

I was trying to find documentation for APOC 3.5 but in the best traditions of Neo4J it looks like the older versions are simply not supported. When I go to Neo4j APOC Procedures User Guide I see that the page has moved to APOC User Guide 4.1 - APOC D...

Storing data and use Neo4j as backend

Hello, I am a beginner with Neo4j I have create the graph in the Neo4j. And i have the following questions: how i can feed the database with data?the data that i use have the following structure : (timestamp, value) i want to import data and store th...

How to Choose Relationship with Lowest Property Value

Hello, How do I choose the relationship with the lowest property rule value between a set of nodes? Say this is my graph schema: For the Person node, how can I tune my cypher query so that it traverses through the PART_OF_LAW3 relationship type whic...

carib by Graph Buddy
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Integrate Cypher with PlantUML for Documentation

My team documents our work. PlantUML is a language for generating diagrams -- especially classical sequence, class, and UML diagrams -- from plain-text input. PlantUML is an ascii-art language, like Cypher. We use PlantUML to generate and maintain di...

tms by Graph Buddy
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