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AWS Neo4j Enterprise AMI

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I want to launch neo4j enterprise v3.4 on ec2 .

I have been trying to find an AWS neo4j enterprise AMI, but all i see is the option to set up and launch a causal cluster. (and not setup cloudformation)

I have previously launched 3.3 enterprise using AWS marketplace but unable to do so now.

Any way i can setup 3.4 neo4j enterprise on 1 machine without setting up a causal cluster?



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Any update on this?

@shweta please follow these instructions and launch a single instance from an AMI

Hey guys, I hope to find you all well in these coronavirus times.

I recently created an instance of Neo4j on AWS. My question is related to the user Ubuntu . How do I change this user's password on the VM created for Neo4j. I looked in the documentation for the current password, found nothing and am a Linux rookie.


Generally the ubuntu user doesn't even have a password. With a lot of these Cloud VMs, they're controlled through the use of remote SSH key authentication. You can look through the Amazon docs for more examples of this, but AWS will give you a .pem key file that you use to authenticate as the ubuntu user. From there you can sudo things as the root user, because you own the VM.

But the users in question don't have passwords, and so there's no need to change them. Just use your private local SSH key as the secret that gets you in.

Thanks @david.allen. Is it correct to assume this is a safe and secure VM?

Yes. The VMs have to pass a number of security checks with the cloud vendor before they can be published. The one thing I'll note is that the operating system packages are locked in as of the VM creation date. So if you use a VM that is, say, 6 months old, then I would certainly advise apt-get update && apt-get upgrade to make sure you pull the latest OS security updates.

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@david.allen, thanks so much for your patience with me. I appreciate it.

Need to retake this issue. I am installing the Enterprise edition of Neo4j through the AWS AMI you provide.

However, the estimated costs are very high and I read the documentation and there is a piece of information about 3x r4.large machines due to replica set (or whatever). At this point, my startup doesn't need this firepower.

Is it safe to lower down the number of servers to 1x m4.large configuration, and if needed in the future, start increasing it? Or the enterprise edition will only work with this number of servers?

Have a look at this post: How to Automate Neo4j Deploys on AWS

There is an option to start up Neo4j as a single machine (standalone) Enterprise Edition. This cuts out the cluster factor and divides the cost by a factor of 3, but you lose high availability & cluster fail-over, as well as a few other features. If that's acceptable to you and you need a simple testing machine, stand-alone EE is probably the way to go.

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I can chose EE 4.0 to install? It would be better starting with this version

4.0 AMIs are in the works right now. I believe if you use the methods we've published to find the AMIs, you can find them & use them today, although our marketplace publish on the AWS catalog is still pending approval.