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AWS Lambda Backups

Node Clone

I want to backup a database stored on an AWS EC2. [4.1 enterprise, ami-0afe90add2767a91c.]

I understand that it is not recommended to backup from the same machine, and that we need a machine with neo4j installed. I'd really prefer not to dedicate an EC2 to backups because of the cost.

I would like a serverless alternative.

Can I run neo4j on a lambda that gets invoked for the backups? I'm not sure, because it seems that neo4j installation is a large process. Is there any sort of lightweight "runtime" option? My ideal would be some npm package 'neo4j-lambda' that installs a lightweight version.

If it is possible, would anyone be kind enough to share a sample lambda? If not, what is recommended for a serverless app?


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