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Automatic SQL to Cypher Query Tool

Hi all,

For my final year undergraduate capstone project, I am attempting to build an ETL tool that is able to automatically transform an SQL database to a Neo4j Cypher query language. Admittedly, I am still new here, and am still getting my hands dirty with Neo4j.
Any pointers to the feasibility of the idea would be helpful--has something like this been done already? Perhaps a certain niche to focus on that could solve an issue, or an area to pivot off on, or if it's unnecessary or 'impossible'.

Thank you very much!



That is an ambitious project.  Each table could be mapped to nodes, where the table name could be used as the node labels. The node relationships would be defined by the foreign key relationships between the tables. You would associate the nodes using the primary and foreign keys saved with each node. 

Haha, yes it is 😅. While I'm really stoked about it, I'm trying to be as practical as possible since I don't have much industry experience.

But I really appreciate your input. I'd look more into how that can be done.

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