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Auto-magic ? mongo-connector running!.. no pretty graph equivalent appears by magic unlike in the videos

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amazed me there is no command to load all the CSV files from import, stipulating they are from mongodb export.. ie suck in the whole directory .. instead it looks like we have click through clunky CLI and name each field.. create.. merge.. etc yes we are trying to import the exported mongodb csv.. found it !

of course an easier way is to use the connector.. which I have running mongo-connector with py2neo v5 .. but as usual there is no documented indication of in neo4j desktop of HOW to 'see' the replica set I just connected to ? do we create a new graph db w/password (despite dbms security being turned off in the config).. does the mongo pretty nodes diagram just 'appear' ?? or do we have to click some thing or CLI command ?? nobody seems to know.. Lyons video a few years old.. just magically appears the diagram when he starts the mongo-connector... nothing magically appears when we follow to the letter.. sad to say




The Mongo Connector has effectively been replaced by the apoc.mongodb procedures in the APOC Library. You can read the documentation here:

Those procedures are used for querying Mongo directly and then optionally running commands to put the data into Neo4j.

That assumes that you know what Neo4j commands you'd like to run against the Mongo data. Would that work for you?

Let me know if not and I'll try to help further.

Cheers, Mark

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