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Aura DB free version's Bloom does not show any Relationships, but the Query tool does!

Graph Buddy

This simply means I'm going to have to use Neo4j Desktop for development because in their the visualizer does work AFAIK.


I have been searching for a bug all day in my code.  Turns out Bloom just doesn't update its model types or show relationships written, but it will show nodes.


Graph Voyager



In your code for Bloom do you explicitly call for relationships? If the query only request nodes then only nodes are shown. If you use the build function from the search fields to add relationships, then those relationships are shown.

There is a difference in the default visualization between Bloom and the desktop browser. The default in the browser is to show relationships between nodes in the result whether you explicitly requested them or not. (Note: this can be turned off in settings).  In Bloom unless explicitly part of query the relationships are not shown.  You are given greater control to see the available relationships.

For example: In the search field request some nodes.  Then select the nodes with cmd-A/ctrl-A and then from a contextual menu (right click) you can see "reveal relationships" with the type of relationship. Selecting will then add relationships only between the existing nodes.  This is more control than from within browser which shows all relationships.