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async javaScript function return Connection timeout error and dbms.memory.transaction max memory


Hi legends ,

I am working on a contact-based recommendation application using Javascripts. While I am inserting user contacts into an async foreach loop, it frequently shows

1. The allocation of an extra 2.0 MiB would use more than the limit 250.0 MiB. Currently using 250.0 MiB. threshold reached

2. Connection acquisition timed out in 60000 ms. Pool status: Active conn count = 100, Idle conn count = 0.

Note : iam using the free version of neo4j Aura DB . and I am adding some screen shots as well.

js code : elements => {

     var session = neo4jConn.session({database:"neo4j"});

     var result = await session.executeWrite(tx =>`

               MATCH (person:Person {userId: $userId})

               MERGE (number:Number {mobile: $mobile,countryCode:$countryCode,contactName:$contactName})

               MERGE (person)-[:saved]->(number)`, // query









await session.close();



Thankyou ❤️.