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Architecture to export data from Neo4j to MongoDB

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Hi all,
I need to know what is the best way to send the change to Mongodb when there is a change in Neo4j.
Because if I use the Neo4j Streams CDC to send the change to Mongo, in between I have to do a process that transforms these events to MongoDB format, right?
Another way could be to use a cypher script, java, etc so that when the graph is changed, MongoDB is changed with the APOC.
The average change in the graph in one day is 60k
We have the option to use a kafka cluster (already mounted)
any ideas?
Thank you very much
All the best


Graph Fellow

I would say best option would be to write the cdc changes to Kafka queue and process them separately as needed. This way it reduces the amount of work you are doing on neo4j to do any transformation.