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APOC periodic procedures not showing accurate stats


I was trying to use apoc.load.jdbc with apoc.periodic.iterate.
Here is my sample procedure -
CALL apoc.periodic.iterate('
CALL apoc.load.jdbc("adw", "select distinct ") YIELD row
MATCH (ec:ec_id {ec_id:row.ec_id})
SET ec:test
', {batchSize:100, parallel:true}) YIELD batches, total
If I look at the summary, the stats are not coming out as expected. It was supposed to add label to 1000 nodes and it performed as expected. I can see labels added to the nodes while stats say 0 labels created. Is there anyway to get the stats right.

Taking the iterate step off of my procedure does yield results as expected
CALL apoc.load.jdbc("prodadw", "select ") YIELD row
WITH row
MATCH (ec:ec_id {ec_id:row.ec_id})
SET ec:test


Graph Buddy

Try query similar to this on your entity model.This may not work as a whole but you need to modify it based on your entity labels that you want to add.

MATCH (n:Persona)
WITH n, n.nome as nome
CALL apoc.create.addLabels(n, [nome]) YIELD node
RETURN count(n) as count

You can find more information about the topic below

I tried it with no luck. I think the issue is with iterate rather than using APOC vs cypher to create nodes.
When I am using apoc.load.jdbc it was able to return stats correctly when I used iterate it started to fail.
Any thoughts?


@michael.hunger, Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this. I was really at a point to move to application based approach to load data into our graph.