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APOC Exact Syntax for jsonFormat: ARRAY_JSON

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Neo4j 3.5.6 Community

I am trying to pin down the exact apoc syntax for producing array json using apoc I am having a very hard time even finding apoc documentation.

Here is what I am trying, it does not work:

CALL apoc.export.json.query( "Match (b:Beer) Return as name Limit 5", "bnl.json", {config:{jsonFormat:'ARRAY_JSON'}})

I have tried all kinds of iterations in the config param, but nothing seems to work and the only real, with example, type documentation I can find is for apoc 4.*. I can find nothing for 3.5.

Of note, the following works for 4.1.9 Community, but I want it to work in 3.5 Community:

CALL apoc.export.json.query( "Match (b:Beer) Return as name Limit 5", "bnl.json", {jsonFormat:'ARRAY_JSON'})

Grateful for any help.

Many Thanks,



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Any thoughts at all?? Does ARRAY_JSON just not work in APOC 3.5?

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