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API to export SVG or PNG

Hey everyone,
I have a database setup on the neo4j browser and was hoping to export either a svg or png through some kind of method call. I've looked over the documentation but have been unsuccessful in finding something similar. If someone could point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it.

p.s. I'm a relatively new programmer so my terminology might be off


Node Clone

I have the same problem , the unique method to do is on Neo4j browser giving click on "Export" option, but i also need something to do the export from the backend of any language programming, i hope someone in Neo4j can consider this to add as a feature in future versions.

I wrote something that might help for this:

Hi @michael.hunger , thanks i', trying to get a visualization, i'm writting :

echo 'MATCH path = (a)-[:PUBLISHED_ON]->(reg:Regulation{alias:'CUB'}) RETURN path' | node render.js 123 prueba.svg neato

And i Get this Error

What i'm doing bad?

The query is Okay, i try it at neo4j browser.

I only tested it on OSX/Unix with a proper graphviz install.
(it calls out to the binary)
Feel free to check the code and adapt it to your windows install of graphviz.

Cheers, Michael

Thanks Michael i will adapt