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Annotate a node label, relation ship type or property key

When I create a node label, a relation ship type or a property key, is it possible to make an 'annotation' to provide some information about the meaning of the node label, a relation ship type or a property key? One might consider this to be some kind of meta-data.


Hi @e_boter,
what could be done in this case is to name labels, relationships and properties with names that can provide information for your use-case. Other than that, you could add a property with this information on any node and rel, but be aware that you will have one property added on each node, which might not be the best option as it increases your db size. Lastly, create a meta-data graph that is attached to parts of the data graph. In this way you will have some granularity when it comes to querying data graph and getting its meta-data.