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Alternative to saved scripts


Hi everybody,
I'm an IT student currently working on a little neo4j project.
Everything is working fine except the "saved scripts" part. As said in the documentation all saved scripts are stored in the Browser cache and its an issue for me.
Is there any way to store them directly in neo4j so every users can access and execute them ?
there is a lot of visualization tools available :
but I have 0 knowledge in js, could it do the job ?
Hope I have been clear enough,
Thank you in advance


Graph Buddy

Welcome Tristan! Thanks for the post.

So I'm clear, are u using Neo Desktop and the "browser cache" is the desktop storage or are you using an internet browser's cache?

One recommendation is to use the Browser Sync feature. That'll give you visibility and stability.

The other idea, in case you're working with a group, would be to leverage GitHub and share cypher from there. That way, folks on your team can just drop the cypher file onto their own local Neo Browser and just make updates back to Git when appropriate. Sort of the "poor man's version control"

I think your question re visualization is separate, although you can share the queries (cypher) that gets you what you need with your team. Regardless, the js needed with say "neoviz" is pretty basic, so I'd recommend a simple tutorial and in a few hours, you'll be ready to rock. It's a powerful js option. You'll learn soon what performance matters on visualization projects and using the graphics card's power, will become critical in larger datasets. The direction for that is clearly within the js libraries and moving away from java so get in early

Finally, don't avoid the fun products such as Bloom (now free for Desktop users) and other no-costs options that tie to Neo nicely (e.g., GraphXR and one that's not on Neo's list but still a good tool, Gephi).