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Alternative to Popoto.js

Good day to you all!

I am hoping that someone here can offer an alternative to popoto.js for a web-based visualization tool with builtin "recursion". Despite it still being listed on the Neo4j site, it appears to only utilize the REST API which was apparently deprecated as of version 4.

We need something which is accessible in the browser and capable of allowing a person to "click through" and/or "drill down" via the UI after an initial query. Sadly as this is a proof-of-concept project for me which I do not have much time to complete, needing to create all the queries by hand and feeding the result to one of the other graphing libraries to generate would be above and beyond the scope of what I can work on.

If anyone has an idea on a suitable replacement, I would be most grateful for the help!

Thanks for your time!

Edit: It appears Bloom can somehow be accessed as a webapp, but the documentatiosion seems a bit vague.. is it possible to use the webapp with the community version server and desktop bloom? If so, is there a place in the documentation that covers this aspect? Thanks..