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Algorithm queries in latest version of Neo4j - GDS syntax update

Node Clone

Hi, I'm working on a project that began on an older version of Neo4j (3.5) and has slightly different syntax, particularly regarding algorithms. I'm trying to 'update' the following query to work with GDS:



'MATCH (p:Publication) RETURN id(p) as id',
'MATCH (p1:Publication)-[r1:HAS_WORD]->(w)<-[r2:HAS_WORD]-(p2:Publication) 
WHERE r1.occurrence > 5 AND r2.occurrence > 5
RETURN id(p1) as source, id(p2) as target, count(w) as weight',
{graph:'cypher',write:false, weightProperty : "weight"}) yield nodeId, label
with label, collect(algo.asNode(nodeId)) as nodes where size(nodes) > 2
MERGE (c:PublicationLPACommunity {id : label})
FOREACH (n in nodes |
return label, nodes



The main issues are likely the first part (algo.labelPropagation) and (algo.asNode) since these have changed in GDS. Here is the error that is returned:



Procedure call provides too many arguments: got 3 expected no more than 2.

Procedure has signature: :: STRING?, configuration  =  Map{} :: MAP?) :: nodeId :: INTEGER?, communityId :: INTEGER?
meaning that it expects at least 1 argument of type STRING?
Description: The Label Propagation algorithm is a fast algorithm for finding communities in a graph. (line 1, column 1 (offset: 0))



Any help much appreciated!


Best to check out the docs, afaik there is also a migration part

the GDS library now works exclusively on in-memory graphs that are prepared under a name,

so you cannot any longer project and run the algorithm in one go, you need to project the data first and then run any number of algorithms, filters, ml-algos or prediction pipelines on the in-memory graph(s).

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