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Advice on tools for graph visualisation


Hi, im currently undergoing a graduation school project to create a software to simulate retina cells involving the use of neo4j, react, and java backend which is preety much ready with all the API requests.

As part of this project we have to present a GUI for researchers in the field , where they will be able to create cells, subgraphs of cells , as well as cell manipulation and duplication, where every cell contains a mathematical equation.

The researcher will give a numerical input and should see the "signal" of output passing through the entire graph,with end result.

As we are all kind of new to neo4j, I would to get some suggestions,advice,or guidance if possible on tools that will help with graph visualisation that correspond to the functionallity that I need in our simulator.

Appriciate all of the help and answers.
Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.