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Activation Keys

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I'm running Neo4j Desktop 1.1.15 and I noticed that my activation keys expire after one year. What happens upon expiry? How does one obtain or purchase new keys?



Sorry for the confusion.

They should automatically renew when about to expire. Neo4j Desktop is not a commercial product at this time - so renewal would be completely free and automatic as long as you have a social login.


I'm confused with this as I've gotten it for development purposes and have a social login completed. Though the expiration still exists. Is this intended?

I'm assuming that it simply renews, as you mentioned, without hesitation or issue?

Yes, the expiration will remain, but it should auto-renew.


helo i downloaded neo4j 1.2.3 but i lost the activation key. so i opted for 30 days rial whats going to happen

Hello Ndereya and welcome to the community!

In 30 days, you will be asked again to register. If you provide your name, email address, and company in the registration dialog, it automatically generates an activation key for your installation that is good for a 1-year license to use Neo4j Desktop. We recommend that you provide this information and have an active license so that you can automatically receive updates to the product.


Hi all, I stupidly forgot to save the license key on the first download. Is there a way to get this back without having to create a new account and reinstall?

Hello Nabilla,

No worries. If you have already installed Neo4j Desktop, at the end of 30 days, it will ask you for an activation key. At that point you can provide your name and email address and it will generate an activation key for you.

Best regards,
Elaine Rosenberg


The Software Registration portion of the screen where my details are to be inputted is disabled. How can I re-register?