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About projectedFeatureDimension in graphSage model

Graph Fellow

In today's seminar, the MS News graphSage model configuration is below:

CALL gds.beta.graphSage.train(
    modelName: 'graphSage',
    featureProperties: ['wikiEncoding'],
    aggregator: 'mean',
    activationFunction: 'sigmoid',
    projectedFeatureDimension: 10,
    sampleSizes: [25, 10],
    tolerance: 0.001,
    searchDepth: 5,
    embeddingDimension: 128

The data preprocessing creates entity embedding of 100 dimension. And according the documentation:
The projectedFeatureDimensionequals the maximum length of the feature-array, i.e.,ageandcostboth are scalar features plus the list featureheightAndWeightwhich has a length of two. For each node its unique labels properties is projected using a label specific projection to vector space of dimensionprojectedFeatureDimension .

So the projectedFeatureDimension should be at least 100 in the cypher command above. But why is it only 10? Please clarify the proper choice of this parameter.


Graph Fellow

Please take a look at this question.