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Node Clone

Hi guys
I'm in Hamburg (so almost neighbours ), and I need some help getting started.
I have a project in mind, but I'm not quite sure how to structure it so I can get data into Neo4j (desktop - I'll look to Enterprise version once I can get this working as an MVP).
I'm happy to come to Berlin for a day or two to have someone hold my hand, and get me up to speed. If you want/need money for the time, let's do email.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Astrid here, hailing from Berlin. Been lurking in the forums a long time but haven't been properly say hi (and hello @ianrbi!). Hope to see other Berliners in this group too (there must be some more, please say hi!)

I started getting to know neo4j in 2013. Got myself certified (finally) last year, and we also have been using neo4j in our startup twindly.

Would love to revive the Berlin neo4j meetup group at some point, but for now at least meeting some other fellow graphistas locally and geeking about our graphs would be great!


Hi Astrid
Sorry for the late reply. It would be great to revive the Berlin group (although a Hamburg branch would be easier for me to manage). I am still getting to grips with Neo4j for my project, but every time I talk to someone about the Neo4j concepts, their eyes light up

I am presently away, but back in mid January. I will pick up this thread then.

Frohes Fest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.


Hi Astrid

I am finally back at my desk, and keen to move on. I know you are busy with twindly, but would you have some free time to teach me the basics of getting my own DB up and running on Neo4j? I did the online course with the movie DB, but I am obviously missing some tricks when it comes to my own stuff, and Neo4j is understandably more interested in Fortune 1000 scale firms.

I'm also happy to come to Berlin for a couple of days, if that's what it takes, and to pay you for your time.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Best wishes for the new year.