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Neo4j with Chrome Browser / Crash after Whodunit Dataset upload

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Hello, since the beginning of SoN 2020 I'm using the same Neo4j desktop instance on my laptop.
Nevertheless, after loading the Whodunit Dataset (cf. SoN Week 3 Challenge) by copy/paste from the given link, the data (56 459 nodes and 47901 Relationships) seems duly uploaded but I cannot use the DB without getting a crash... please see my screenshot
Do we have to update the DB settings to be able to properly use it ?
I also noticed that my queries started to become slower when performing the previous SoN challenges time after time... can you please give me a few advices ?
FYI: I also had a try with Neo4j Sandbox and get the same kind of error message when trying to MATCH a particular node with a WHERE...
I wonder if this issue is related to Chrome settings ???


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After flushing the cookies (and cache) of Google Chrome, I could recover my access to Neo4j (Desktop instance) and have acceptable performance when doing the training... it seems even better with Firefox browser, but I regularly have to flush the Cookies and Cache to keep acceptable performances from my laptop... I do not remember I had to do that so frequently with older (3.x) versions of Neo4j.

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