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Discourse vs Discord


Two very similar sounding names, easily mixed up in spoken conversation, Discourse and Discord are both great channels for communication. Why have both? When should you use which?

When to Discourse:

Use Discourse for long-form group discussions

Discourse excels as a communal well of knowledge, growing richer with each new discussion. Because the posts are Googleable anyone can discover and learn from shared experiences.

Discourse discussion forums are good for:

  • anything about which you have Googled without success
  • asking "How do I..." questions, because probably someone else has the same question
  • lots of context, starting with background explanation and then including code snippets and screenshots

Don't use Discourse for:

When to Discord:

Use Discord for live conversations

Discord is a live chat environment. It's a destination, a place to be around other people who share your interest.

Discord is good for:

  • meeting people
  • conversations where you contribute as much as you learn
  • participating in events

Don't use Discord for:

  • sharing more code than conversation πŸ™‚ Use Discourse instead.
  • urgent help. Instead, contact support

How to communicate

Build strong relationships

Communication is the foundation of our community. Everyone here has had their first day, their first post. Begin by introducing yourself and meeting people, then return the kindness you've received from this diverse, deeply knowledgable, and friendly community.



  • demand anything from anyone; we're all here voluntarily
  • take anything personally, or make something personal. We all make mistakes and have off days.

Together, learning about data relationships, building technological bridges, let's have some fun.


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